Slides and Handouts

The notes for this programme can be downloaded at the link below. They contain information about grasses, greenkeeping, greenkeeping tasks, and links to additional information.

Notes for the 2011 programme, 15 pages, 84KB PDF file

This presentation introduces the programme and the grasses that will be discussed during the week.

Introduction to Greenkeeping and Grasses, 59 slides, 13MB PDF file

These slides are from the second day of the programme and were used to discuss the greenkeeping work, how it is performed, and how different greenkeeping practices can be used to modify the growing environment to create the desired playing conditions.

Greenkeeping Work, 71 slides, 16MB PDF file

These slides are from the final day of the programme in which an integrated greenkeeping plan is discussed, incorporating the local weather conditions and the optimum timing for different greenkeeping practices throughout the year.

Integrated Greenkeeping Plan, 22 slides, 3.6MB PDF file